Somewhere around your child’s first birthday, they’ll amaze you with their first word and, before you know it, they’ll be chattering away so much you’ll hardly get a word in!

Confident communication is about more than just first words. It means being able to express our own thoughts clearly, but also to listen to others and take turns in a conversation.

Effective communication is one of the hardest skills that children will ever learn. Research suggests that up to half of children starting school don’t have the communication skills they need to succeed.

Whether your child is speaking their first words or chattering like a pro, attending Talking Tots will give them the opportunity to practice vital communication skills, in a friendly and supportive environment.

At Talking Tots, we know that children learn best through play, so our classes are built around fun activities that will capture toddlers’ imaginations.

Talking Tots classes are designed by paediatric speech and language therapists to meet the developmental stages of early childhood development. Talking Tots classes will help your child develop:

  • self-esteem and social confidence;
  • great listening and attention;
  • turn taking and sharing skills;
  • confident communication;
  • imagination and storytelling;
  • good pre-literacy skills.

Monday – Willis Hall, Church Crookham, GU52 8LD – Free parking
Tuesday – Alton Maltings, Alton, GU34 1DT – Free parking and cafe
Thursday – The Church on the Heath, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, GU51 1HA – Free parking and cafe

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