I am a Relax Kids and Baby Mindful Coach in Waterlooville and surrounding areas. I am passionate about helping people learn simple tools and techniques to help them cope in what can sometimes be a chaotic world!

Relax Kids helps children and adults:
*develop good mental health
*build self confidence and self-esteem
*build emotional resilience
*develop focus and concentration
*become more imaginative and creative
*manage anger, anxiety and stress
*increase brain-power
*feel happier
I can offer classes for all ages, Family Sessions, workshops, one to ones, Just Relax sessions for adults and parent/ teacher sessions.

Baby Mindful
Baby Mindful classes are different to other baby activity classes. Our classes have a slow and simple pace, giving you the chance to “be” with your baby” rather than “do”.

Each session is based around a well-known nursery rhyme and follows the Relax Kids seven steps. However, your babies are in charge! We will follow their lead. If they need to be rocked or moved, be fed or be changed, that is perfectly ok. And if your baby cries? Well, that’s what babies do, so that’s ok, too.


For babies:
• To both stimulate and calm whilst supporting their natural development
• To enjoy quiet and unhurried time with their parent which will enhance bonding
• To help parents to feel calmer and more confident about responding to their needs
• To encourage their confidence and awareness along with their cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development

For parents:
• A time for BEING with your baby rather than DOING
• A chance to spend quality time with your baby in a calming and supportive atmosphere
• A chance for you to relax and unwind and feel more confident and grounded
• To help you feel calmer and more relaxed while you bond with your baby and strengthen your attachments
• To help you, as parents, to learn how to respond to the “dance of parenthood” from a place of feeling calm and centred
• To encourage you to believe that you have the “permission” to just stop and rest and to take some time for yourselves

I am DBS checked and fully insured


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