Maternally Fit conducts exercise classes for pregnant & post-natal women. All classes are conducted by a Physiotherapist, with specialist training in exercise for pregnancy and the post-natal (after birth) period.
Our classes are appropriate for both the novice & experienced exerciser, and each class will be individually tailored to your fitness needs & abilities. Classes are one hour in duration & consist of both cardiovascular fitness, & strength training. Classes are based around the use of the exercise ball & hand weights.
Classes have a particular focus on core stability and pelvic floor training – the muscles you need to support your growing baby & changing body.
To enable Maternally Fit to give you the highest level of care, we take detailed information about many aspects of your pregnancy, and continue to monitor you throughout your time with us.
To enable you to get the most out of our program we expect our members to attend at least once a week. Classes are prepaid & pre booked.
Our ultimate goal is for you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, physically preparing you for motherhood


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Cordes Hall 8 High Street, Sunninghill Ascot, Berkshire SL59NE

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