Life’s Little Bugs encourages good habits in young children through fun & education.
Our colourful characters, books & activities teach all those little life lessons such as handwashing and respect in an easy and unique way!
We cover good habits in health, hygiene & positive social behaviour
Not only are we a great resource to have at home we also visit schools and Home Education groups to support the PSHE subjects being taught.
We are constantly adding to the ‘Life’s Little Bugs’ collection so why don’t you let your child grow with us!

Life’s Little Bugs can support any young child’s development and encourage good habits in an enjoyable way.

‘Life’s Little Bugs’ began with an idea of a humorous, lively verse about a colourful character called Flu bug. A simple way to teach children how to prevent the spread of their coughs and sneezes by just following a few simple rules. But why stop there when there are so many good habits to teach children…there is Tummy Bug, a grubby little bug whose hygiene level is zero. Learn through his story why hand washing is so important!

Let’s not forget messy Litter Bug and his friend ‘Fly. “Did you know dropping litter isn’t very clever? Zzz! Zzz! Zzz! agrees fly! Don’t be a Hum Bug, read how positive thinking can make you a happier person. Or get the Fitness Bug and learn why a healthy lifestyle is so much better for you. Find out why Doodle bug had to learn the lesson of respect. His obsession with drawing had become a bit of a problem!

Watch this space to keep up with what is happening with Life’s Little Bugs, the free introduction story will open the door to introduce the first bugs to you. Then start collecting each Little Bug’s own story.

There is a Little Bug to fit with all of life’s little lessons, so Life’s Little Bugs is always growing as more bugs are added.

Let your children grow with it as they build the collection!

…I wonder who will be your favourite?

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