My Name is Kylee Stone. I am a Maternity Nurse and Night Nanny based in Cambridgeshire specialising in the care of newborn and young babies. I work with new parents offering support and guidance whilst also providing overnight care of your new baby enabling you to catch up on some much needed rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed and able to enjoy your baby without feeling sleep deprived.

I will help to instill good healthy sleep habits into your baby whilst gently guiding them into a routine which fits in with your family.

I am a mum of 2 so I have first hand experience of all the joys of being a parent as well as the exhaustion but also understand the importance of a good routine.

About me

I have 15 years experience of working with babies, children and their families as a Nanny, Babysitter, Nursery Nurse,Proxy-Parent, Night Nanny and Maternity Nurse.

I have covered a vast amount of clients, covering many different needs including:

• Twins
• Premature Babies
• Feeding and sleep issues
• Routine and settling

• Reflux
• Colic
• Dairy intolerance
• Circumcision after care

Qualifications and Certificates

Breastfeeding workshop with Clare Byam-Cook
MNT OCN Maternity Practitioner Award level 3
MNT OCN Sleep Training Level 3
NVQ II Childcare & Education
Enhanced CRB
First Aid
Public Liability Insurance

I can provide copies of all my certificates as well as references which are all checkable.

I am based in Cambridgeshire and cover East Anglia but am happy to travel to other areas and do often travel into London for work.

Maternity Nurse
As a Maternity Nurse I can offer my services either on a live-in/out basis, this can either be nights, days or 24 hours. I will provide full care and support and offer advice on all aspects of caring for your new baby.

Night Nanny
I can take care of your baby overnight taking care of all feeds, changing and re-settling. If baby is breastfed I will discuss with you bringing baby in for you to feed or expressing milk for me to bottlefeed.

I work anything from 1 night a week up to 7 nights and anything from adhoc nights to longer bookings of up to around 6 months.

Typical hours can be around 9pm-7am but this is flexible. I will also take emergency bookings if I am available.

Sleep Training
If your baby/child is waking frequentley throughout the night I can help you with sleep training them using gentle child friendly methods. I will look at their whole day/night routine and suggest changes to improve it and discuss different sleep training methods.I can be booked for nights to support you putting these strategies into place or I can take sole-charge if you would rather.

Available for evening babysitting, overnight babysitting, or weekend proxyparenting if you want some time away with your partner, or you may have a wedding or other function to attend.

Welcome Home Package
I can either be at your home on your arrival from hospital or I can come to hospital and accompany you home. I will stay for 24-72 hours and provide you with reassurance, support and guidance on how to care for your baby.

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