Alley Burkin is the creator and founder of Kalinka Skin Care, range of handmade skin care products with organic and natural ingredients for all skin types. The name Kalinka is diminutive from Kalina, one of the most popular shrubs in Russian medicine and it reflects my desire to go as organic as possible with my products. I am creating my own formulas which were independently tested and verified by Chartered Chemist. My products are packed with natural, pure and organic oils and butters and vitamins. At Kalinka skin care we offer luxurious bespoke handmade face a and body care products.
Last summer Kalinka Skin Care was awarded the Janey Lee Grace accreditation, one of the most prestigious in natural and organic world, and in August my Exfoliating cream with Jojoba organic Grains was a winner of 2015 Platinum Awards