Nicola X is a fully qualified Personal Trainer based in Baldock, Hertfordshire. Offering tailored fitness training and fat loss coaching in and around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Cambridgeshire. Registered with The Register of Exercise Professionals. Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance cover and enhanced CRB Disclosure.

In 2013 Nicola gave birth to her second daughter. Nicola was at her biggest and felt helpless as to what to do. Spending hours doing cardio and eating processed foods that were labelled healthy. It was here that Nicola had a major turning point.

With the help of a very inspirational personal trainer, Nicola began to eat natural foods with minimal processing and really focused on nutrition whilst maintain short and intense workouts.

Nicola has always wanted to help people, this was her motivation of starting Elevation Personal Training and still is. Whatever the goal, Nicola can help you achieve it.

Nicola offers sensible nutritional advice and bespoke workouts. Personal training sessions can be done anytime, anywhere, Nicola slots into her client’s schedules.

Childcare is not an issue. Nicola welcomes children to sessions and finds that children are very inspired when they see a Mummy or Daddy working out. It shows what a brilliant example you are being.

Personal trainer is on a mission to get Mum’s fit with their children in tow. The goal is to help women improve their fitness by regularly exercising and welcomes children.

Each class is set up with various toys and bouncer chairs to keep babies and children occupied whilst Mothers are exercising.

The classes are designed to enable women to reach their goals and all levels are catered for.

The classes are relaxed and if Mums need to feed babies or take a break with their toddler they can.

Nicola Church , Founder of Elevation Personal Training and the brain behind the classes said – My previous career did not suit family life so I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off. I found the world of fitness and started to love the way it made me feel.

I swiftly realised that I could work out at any time and with my children and wanted to spread the good news!

After gaining my qualifications, I wanted to introduce a class where mums could bring their children and use their weight as resistance (weight) or let them play with the toys that I provide in a stress-free, relaxed environment.

I’ve always wanted to do a career that helps people and now I’m doing it. Fuelling my passion for fitness and caring for others.

I just want to keep women fit and active. Helping them feel better and providing a great example for their children.

Bums, legs and tums classes are every Monday 10:15 at Stotfold Methodist Church, and Every Thursday at Baldock Methodist Church 11:00

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