Hi I’m David Scille and I’m a contemporary portrait photographer
based in Haslemere. I’ve been in this business for two years and I
specialize in magazine style photo shoots for the everyday woman.

I don’t photograph celebrities and I don’t photograph models but I
would love to photograph you.

I want you to experience what it feels like to be a celebrity in your own
magazine style photo shoot.

So for this, I have a hair and makeup artist on my team who is an
awesome stylist. She will give you the best celebrity style makeover
which will make you look and feel amazing.

Your day begins at my studio where you will be welcomed by my team
and you will spend the day being pampered and given the full
makeover experience.

Then I will photograph you how you dream of being photographed.

My goal is to take the best photographs you have ever seen of

Then, at a later date, you will come back in to view your photos and
decide what you would like to buy.

I created this brand because I want to photograph all women and
show them their beauty. And, for all those mums; I know being a mum
is hard and tiring sometimes, but I also know that raising children
comes with great joy.

You are an inspiration and you are also an amazing woman.

So let’s make this about you. You deserve a very special day.

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Professional Hair and Makeup Artist included

Professional Hair and Makeup Artist included