Hi my name is Ben Glasscock – I am a Personal Trainer working out of Dual Health and Wellbeing (a new, exciting gym very recently opened, located in Godalming High Street) and I would love to work with people who want to get results. I can help you get fit, lose fat, build lean muscle, work towards a sports or health related goal and much more.

I am offering the Mummies Club a special discount on my 60 minute sessions, which is as follows: £35 (done from £40) for one session, £150 (down from £165) for 5 sessions and £285 (down form £310) for 10 sessions. Within these hour-long sessions, we work towards your specific goal as I educate and help you throughout the process. You will learn a lot, become more confident in your physical ability and improve in many aspects.

Parking to get to Dual Health and Wellbeing is very accessible, in either Crown Court or South Street car park. Plus, the restrictions on these are off early mornings and later in the evening.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, please do not hesitate to get in contact for any further questions!

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