My name is Mervyn Barrett and I’m an Inevitability Coach. I help my clients to Order their Thinking in a Cohesive and Coherent manner. Cohesive and Coherent Thinking comes from Cohesive and Coherent Feelings and Emotions. When these three elements are in alignment (Coherently and Cohesively) my clients take Action. And, since Action always leads to Results, they now have a vehicle (the Self) for making the Results they want in their Life Inevitable!
In Life, I believe anything is possible once Inner Alignment has been achieved. This outlook has had me working with individuals who have achieved breakthroughs in their personal relationships, career development and change, and business start up. I also deliver sales training, group coaching and leadership training to small to medium sized businesses. I lead personal development workshops and seminars designed to leave people empowered to be On Purpose in their Life, and have them take Meaningful Action towards transforming the quality of Life they lead. I am a bundle of dynamite on the motivational speaker’s circuit, with speeches that show any audience how to tap into and make use of resources they already have in a more Effective and Efficient way.
Before embarking on my current career, I spent twenty years teaching and leading mathematics in schools across London and the South East. If anything, that experience reinforces my belief that when Thinking, Feeling and Emotions work as one, anything is possible. I assert this is so because I took children from the weakest of academic backgrounds and helped them master mathematics through nothing more than them working on their attitude to the subject. This strategy has led me to develop school based coaching programs that I now deliver to schools, sixth forms and colleges.
The foundation of it all, the bedrock of why I do what I do with such intense passion, is my wonderful family! I have five awesome children and a stunning wife, who I have been married to for 16 years, and they have all, in many different ways, contributed to moulding me into the coach and man that I am today.
I truly believe that ‘Success is an Inside Out Job’ and one of my many missions in life is to have people present to that fact.
Testimonials: I’ve recently completed a short coaching program session with Mervyn, which has had a significant impact on both my personal and professional life. I have got more done in the last 3 months than I would have in the entire year had I not used his services. Ross Asubonteng – Business Analyst
Before my 6 months of coaching with Mervyn, I did not feel in control of my life. Although I had a successful career according to conventional standards, my self-worth was low as I was not doing what I really wanted to do and felt powerless to change it. 
Mervyn opened my horizons to a completely new way of seeing life and experiencing the world. Kudzayi Chakawata – Data Analyst
I’ve recently finished a 6 month coaching programme with Mervyn and the transformation in both my personal outlook and business has made my investment seem like a steal! 
From the word go, Mervyn took the time to learn the ins and outs of my business along with my personal goals to formulate a plan and to make our late night meetings as value adding as possible. Jack Catherall – Managing Director

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