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Offering Daisy Birthing- Active antenatal classes, Daisy Tinies (5 weeks up to around 5 months) and Daisy Wrigglers ( 5 months up to around 12 months)

Fitness and fun for mums & little ones

Pregnancy yoga, Baby massage and Baby Yoga (includes moves for mothers too).

A free happy nappy if you sign up and quote (Stevenage)

Teach your baby to swim with Water Babies

At Hartbeeps we put your child at the heart of our magical, musical adventures: we offer original and super fun, developmental baby classes, toddler classes and pre-school classes, as well as educational sessions, pregnancy classes, stay & play…

First class is free and personal training taster session is free

Personal training and nutrition helping you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. I believe that a healthy body is a healthy mind.

10% discount to new members. To claim email and tell us that you are new joiner.

All the essentials a mother-to-be needs in one handy bag!

Maternity Nurse and Night Nanny based in Cambridgeshire specialising in the care of newborn and young babies.